2021 Chrysler Pacifica vs. Toyota Sienna: Which is the Best Minivan to Lease or Buy?

June 22nd, 2021 by

Pacifica and Sienna side by side

If you’re looking for a luxurious ride with tons of space and high-end touches, you should really be looking at 2021 minivans. Yes, minivans. The Chrysler Pacifica and the Toyota Sienna are two top contenders in this category, and for good reason: each boasts an impressive array of features, with plenty of options for those looking for tech features, comfort, style, and convenience. Read on to learn more.


Chrysler Pacifica

Chrysler’s 2021 Pacifica comes standard with a 3.6L V6 engine, featuring 287 hp and the most advanced all-wheel drive system in its class. Snowy roads have nothing on the torque delivery this feature offers to the wheels in need, making road trips in any weather condition a piece of cake.

Choose the plug-in hybrid model and get a combined 520 miles in range (32 miles on just electric) — and an impressive 82 mpg. Even without electric you’ll get a quite good 30 mpg combined.

Toyota Sienna

As for the Sienna, it’s only available in a Hybrid version, with 36 combined mpg and 240 hp on its 2.5L inline-4 with 1.5kwh battery pack (no plug-in option). The Sienna does offer a Sport version if you like peppier handling on the road, but overall, expect just enough power to get by, no more.

AWD is available; if you forgo the AWD, there’s CVT (continuously variable transmission) partnering with the double electric motors.


The Pacifica provides a premium experience inside the cabin, with available panoramic sunroof, rear-seat entertainment package, tons of USB ports (and cupholders, for that matter), and quilted leather seats (even heated second-row seats).

Add in its hands-free power doors and liftgate, and you have a truly luxe, convenient, and comfortable means of travel for the whole family, at any age.

For its part, the Sienna also offers an in-car cooler for those after-soccer trips, and kids can rest those soccer-weary legs with extendable second-row leg rests.

Both vehicles come with in-car vacuum systems, too, so you never have to worry about rogue french fries or Goldfish crackers turning to dust in the third-row carpet.

Drivers will also enjoy Apple Car Play connectivity in each vehicle, along with Android Auto and Amazon Alexa compatibility. However, the fit and finish of the Pacifica is a little more premium than the Sienna, giving it the leg up.


Both the Pacifica and the Sienna offer standard safety features including airbags, pedestrian braking systems, lane control, and adaptive cruise control. The Pacifica also provides automatic high beams and blind spot monitoring, too.

Some drivers have noticed that while the Sienna offers lane-centering technology as well, it tends to bounce the vehicle from side to side in a noticeable fashion, whereas the Pacifica provides a smoother experience for the driver.

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